Ramayana – game of life – book review

There are books you read for what they give you. And there are those you read for what you can take from them. “Ramayana-the Game of Life” falls squarely into the second category. The Ramayan is not a new tale; it has been told and retold, cast and recast innumerable times. “Game of Life” is, however, not a retelling, it is not a subaltern version either, from a different vanage point. Then what is it? What does it bring to the table? Why should you read Shubh Vilas’ serialised Ramayan?

The answer is simple enough, and yet esoteric if you merely skim the surface. Shubh Vilas provides you not a re-telling of the events, but a re-interpretation of the same. The beauty of religious and mythological literature lies in their malleability, their openness to new ways of understanding them, the myriad lessons that can be afforded by one story. And Shubh Vilas provides a unique interpretation. He is known for his motivational talks and for providing modern lessons from age-old tales; this is the angle, the meaning, the relevance of his interpretation, his lessons from the Ramayan. It’s a unique view indeed, and a testament to both the author and his muse. Shubh Vilas doesn’t twist the story around to suit his ends, to prove his lessons are valid gleanings from the Ramayan, and he doesn’t need to.

You will be surprised by how he conceptualizes a modern moral framework and life-guide from such ancient timber. It may seem forced at times, but for the most part you will find yourself agreeing with the derivations.

Do read this book, especially if you are or want to be a spiritual person and often find yourself adrift. You will not read anything new, but will find something new at each step.


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